Wine tasting and cellar visit in the Var

Wine tourism is becoming increasingly popular in France. Many individuals now have the opportunity to discover the French wine tradition up close. During these visits, one discovers a sometimes unknown terroir and a thousand-year-old wine-making technique.

Between cellar visits and wine tasting, wine tourism discoveries have many surprises in store for you. This is particularly the case in the Var, where some of the best Côtes de Provence wines are produced.

Wine tourism and wine tasting, a new way to discover our regions

France is a country rich in culture, land and tradition. Among the many possibilities for a stay, the discovery of the Var and Provence through its vineyards is truly extraordinary. Indeed, this region, in the same way as Burgundy, Roussillon or Bordeaux for example, is renowned throughout the world for its ancestral wine tradition.

Choosing a wine tourism holiday will take you on a journey of discovery of some of the most beautiful treasures that France has to offer. Not only will you meet the owners of the wineries, but you will also discover passionate men and women. Between winegrowers, grape pickers, cellar masters, sommeliers and oenologists, there are many different professions involved in making wine.

The French wine tradition is also and above all home to an exceptional architectural heritage. Some estates are real jewels that bear witness to several centuries of tradition and development. Today, many of them include various infrastructures designed to welcome the public.

Wine tasting and cellar visit to discover a rich and surprising terroir

A visit to the cellars and vineyards of a winery is full of surprises! Indeed, beyond the simple tourist visit, many estates offer a complete experience around the theme of wine.

The creation of a wine is indeed a complex and interesting process. From the selection of grape varieties, through the care taken in cultivating the vines, to the harvesting and pressing, you will be right in the middle of the action. The creation of a wine requires many often overlooked steps to get to the bottling stage. These include fermentation, maceration, blending, etc. All these stages are worth discovering during a fascinating visit that will allow you to become unaware of the subject.

If you are particularly fond of fine wines, you can also learn how to taste them in order to reveal all their aromas.

Whether you are a family, a couple or a group of friends, visiting a winery and enjoying a fine wine tasting is sure to be an unforgettable excursion.

Wine tasting and visit to the cellars of the Château de Berne

Are you looking for an exceptional estate to enjoy an unforgettable wine tourism stay or day? The Château de Berne is the perfect destination.

Located in Flayosc, in the heart of Provence, Château de Berne is a first-class wine estate. Far from a simple wine tasting, you can discover a vast estate where more than 175 hectares of organic vines are cultivated.

During the visit, you will discover all the secrets of the production of the Château's Côtes de Provence appellation wines. You will also be able to admire the cellars of the estate with its numerous vats where you will probably come across Alexis Cornuthe estate's oenologist.

At the end of your visit, you will be invited to discover the different vintages produced at the château, including rosés, reds and whites. Finally, the sommeliers will offer you some suggestions for food and wine pairing.

What to do after your wine tasting at Château de Berne?

The Château de Berne is a remarkable estate with a high quality infrastructure. These include a Michelin-starred restaurant: Le Jardin de Berne. Also worth mentioning is the estate's Bistrot Gourmand, its Spa partner Cinq Mondes and Vinésime, and its 5-star hotel, where you can stay in the heart of the vineyard.

To find out more about the Château de Berne estate and its many services, please visit visit the page.

The landscapes of Provence hold many secrets. Among them is a real jewel: the Château de Berne. In the heart of the estate, enjoy an exceptional wine tourism stay between wine tasting and discovering a multi-centenary tradition.