Organise a company seminar in a gourmet bistro in Provence

Organising a company seminar can be time consuming and tedious. The teams at the Château de Berne in Provence can advise you on how to manage your event and offer you solutions for hosting it in an authentic and refined setting in Provence.

4 points for a successful company seminar

For a successful seminar, here is the advice of the Château de Berne en Provence team.
A large number of corporate seminars are organised in France and throughout the world. If the popularity of corporate events is growing, it is because they are a powerful strategic management tool on which leaders can rely. The success of your seminar requires rigour in terms of organisation and a framework that is adapted to and meets the expectations of the organisation.

Define the objectives of your company seminar

The seminar should meet different objectives, ranging from strengthening team cohesion to the launch of a new product or project, to motivating employees or integrating them. It can take different forms, but whatever the form, it must be organised according to its objective and its target. It is essential to define these two elements separately. They will determine the success of your company seminar.

Questions to ask yourself for your company seminar

  • What is the overall objective of this seminar?
  • Do I need to strengthen the cohesion of my team?
  • Is it a gathering of 'executive' employees and what is its purpose?
  • Is this event about integrating new recruits?
  • Is it to 'weld' a new team together?
  • Is the idea to offer your employees a moment of relaxation?
  • Do you want to present a new product to customers, distributors or your sales force?

The answers to these questions will enable you to specify elements concerning the expectations of your participants, but also the format and theme of your organisation. If the conception of your event and its organisation seem tedious to you, do not hesitate to entrust this task to the Château de Berne's organising team.

Estimating the budget allocated to the organisation of the seminar

Whatever the objectives of the event you wish to organise, the estimation of the budget necessary for its realisation is an important step that should not be neglected. It is a rigorous and time-consuming stage, but it also determines its success
In order to carry out the costing work, you need to take into consideration certain parameters such as
- the number of participants in your event,
- the type of event,
- the desired style of accommodation,
- the number of days you will mobilise,
- the desired restoration,
- the place,
- time and transport arrangements,
- activities and other entertainment,
But also, the character of the event, the expenses related to marketing and communication, logistics...
The team at Château de Berne can help you with a quote.

Choosing the right date for your company seminar

Once you have defined your budget, you need to set the date of your seminar. To be sure that the people you are going to invite are available, it is better to avoid certain periods, such as weekends or bank holidays, but also school holidays and national events.
Take into account your company's requirements as well. Avoid the period when the balance sheet is being closed, and times of high mobilisation if your activity is seasonal.

Select the ideal seminar venue

The theme of the seminar, the target group and the estimated budget are the elements that will determine the choice of location for the event. Travel time and logistical possibilities (proximity to train stations or airports, etc.) should also be taken into account, as these transport times are generally unproductive moments of your company seminar.
Whether your seminar will be very work-oriented or, on the contrary, a moment of relaxation (e.g. to celebrate good business results), will determine the venue to be selected.

Berne Castle for your company seminar

The Château de Berne en Provence is an ideal location for this type of project. It is an authentic and refined wine estate that has everything you need for a successful corporate seminar.
There are three restaurants in the heart of the estate, including a gourmet bistro. For work, rooms are available and for relaxation or team building, outdoor areas as well as numerous possibilities for sports or leisure activities in the estate and the surrounding area: Spa, hiking, tennis, mountain biking, cellar visits and wine tasting...
You also have a variety of accommodation at your disposal, ranging from the most classic, to the most luxurious (private suite or villa), to the most atypical (privatisation of an authentic castle).
The Château de Berne teams have a great deal of experience in organising this type of event and will be able to advise you according to the objectives of your company seminar.

The gourmet bistro for your company seminar

The restoration part is important and should also be selected from elements such as :
- The capacity to accommodate,
- The average budget per person,
- How much time you want to spend on lunch breaks.
It is possible to create convivial moments, which can be extended to favour informal relations. We offer table or buffet meals.
Choosing our bistrot gourmand means opting for authentic cuisine, with quality products, respecting French culinary traditions, without being ostentatious.

To make your company seminar a success, it is important to surround yourself with good partners. To put all the chances on your side, do not hesitate to entrust us with the management of your event.

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