Visit the vineyards of Provence

Discover the vineyards of Provence? For 26 centuries, the land of Provence has been a source of great wealth for the region's winegrowers. Bordered by the Durance and Verdon rivers to the north and the Mediterranean to the south, and stretching from Arles to Fréjus, the vineyards of Provence cover a wide geographical area. Vines are grown in a Mediterranean climate that changes with the wind and is characterised by plenty of sunshine.

The wines produced in the vineyards of Provence vary in personality, but all are characterised by fruity, fleshy rosés and reds and whites with strong character.

Visiting the vineyards of Provence is also an opportunity to discover the region's magnificent sun-drenched landscapes, local produce and flora and fauna.

Origins of the Provence vineyards

Vines were introduced to France by the Phocaeans 2,600 years ago, when the city of Marseille was founded. Provence was then considered to be France's first vineyard.

In 200 BC, the Romans settled in the region and cultivated vines in an area they called the Provincia Romana, or Provence.

From then on, the Romans spread vines throughout France to extend their empire, creating the other Gallic vineyards of Burgundy, the Rhône Valley, Gascony, Bordeaux and Beaujolais.

From the High Middle Ages onwards, under the influence of the monastic orders and the nobility, wine began to be marketed in Provence. From the 14th century onwards, the nobility of the kingdom, high-ranking officers in the royal army and notables became the owners of many Provençal vineyards. This was the birth of modern wine-producing Provence.

Local producers in the Provence vineyards

Today, the vineyards of Provence include around 600 producers and 40 trading companies, producing 1.2 million hectolitres of wine each year, or around 160 million bottles of wine.

Provence alone accounts for 35% of national AOC rosé wine production and 5% worldwide.

Provence producers are passionate about their craft and have been awarded three major appellations: Côtes de Provence (1977), Coteaux d'Aix-Provence (1985) and Coteaux Varois (1993).

Why discover the vineyards of Provence

Visiting the vineyards of Provence is also an opportunity to spend an immersive holiday in the charming and authentic region that is Provence.

You'll have the chance to discover maritime sites, monuments and villages steeped in history, traditions and ancestral know-how. You'll be able to sample the art of living in Provence, for a holiday in tune with nature.

Meet the local winemakers and restaurateurs, and your Provençal excursion will be a superb opportunity to discover gastronomic delights in a friendly atmosphere.

During your visits, you can learn more about wine thanks to the workshops organised by the different estates. For example, you can learn about oenology and the basics of wine tasting, how to read wine labels or how to distinguish between different grape varieties.

The Château de Berne vineyard: an exceptional Provencal vineyard

Located in the Var region, the Bern Castle produces Côtes de Provence with both structured red wines and delicate rosé and white wines, characteristic of inland Provence.

Wine production at Château de Berne is designed to be respectful of the environment and the estate's workers, and has been awarded level 3 High Environmental Value certification. The estate's 175 hectares of vines are certified organic.

The Domaine de Berne is a favourite destination for wine lovers. Individual or group tours of the cellars are regularly organised and led by the estate's cellar teams. You can also take part in wine tastings at the Château. This is an opportunity to learn from and talk to wine specialists.

Visiting the vineyards of Château de Berne also gives you the chance to stay overnight in sublime surroundings. private rooms or villas so you can visit the region while enjoying the top-of-the-range services of a 5-star Relais et Châteaux establishment.

During your stay, you can take advantage of a spa of 800m2 for a moment of well-being, as well as the three restaurants on site, including one with a Michelin star.

Le Bern Castle offers holidaymakers a unique experience, rich in discovery. It's the ideal destination for immersing yourself in the warm atmosphere of Provence and learning more about its heritage. Thanks to the wine tourism activities hosted by the Domaine de Berne, you can awaken your senses and discover new flavours characteristic of the region.

You can now prepare your stay and find out more on the various services offered by the Château de Berne.