Choosing a starred restaurant in Provence

For an exceptional culinary journey: treat yourself to a starred restaurant in Provence

It has long been recognised that gastronomy can be elevated to an art form, and indeed it is often referred to as culinary art or art of the table. Gastronomy is the art of serving dishes that have a value far beyond the simple notion of food.

For decades now, one culinary guide has established itself in the world of gastronomy as the ultimate reference in terms of evaluation: the Michelin guide. Initially created to inform truckers of restaurants they could stop at on their way to work, the guide has evolved into the world's leading culinary reference.

The famous Michelin stars: what do they guarantee?

In gastronomy, or haute gastronomy, a large number of factors come into play. The evaluation and the results that follow are not so much about a dish as about the whole experience, both human and gustatory, olfactory and aesthetic.

It is this set of criteria that the Michelin guide evaluators try to take into account: they rate the dishes, but also their consistency with each other, the freshness of the products, as well as their origin, and even the overall hygiene of the establishment, the equipment, the cellar, the service...

But that is not all, and other criteria are also taken into account, which are much harder to assess, such as the personality of the leader.

How do you get a Michelin star?

Although some of these criteria (e.g. decoration or comfort) are not officially taken into account in the awarding of a star, they are nevertheless also noted for the final evaluation of the establishment

For this reason, the Michelin guide sends several of its inspectors to visit the same establishment, hoping to be able to give the public the most objective and impartial judgement possible thanks to several evaluations made at different times, which also guarantees the consistency of the quality of the establishment.

The exact and precise criteria for the evaluation are kept secret, as are the identities of the inspectors, so as to ensure absolute fairness in the final judgement and avoid any attempt at corruption

A new arrival in the Michelin sky: the green star

In 2020, during the star award ceremony, Chef Gwendal Poullennec presented some of the chefs present with green stars and thus introduced a new distinction into the Michelin constellation: the green star

What is a green star?

The Green Star is a distinction in its own right, completely independent of the others, and rewards chefs for their sustainable and responsible practices, not only in the acquisition of products, but also in the management of waste and even in the well-being of the working teams of its brigade. This can be likened to a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) assessment of the restaurant.

In the midst of the wide choice of restaurants that Provence has to offer, the Jardin de Berne is a superb table, poetic and strongly marked by the land that hosts it, which will transport you into a whirlwind of unforgettable culinary discovery, a true artistic and sensory inspiration

A starred restaurant in Provence in the heart of a wine estate: the restaurant of the Château de Berne.

It is in the magnificent setting of this 1000 hectare estate that the Garden of Bernea gastronomic restaurant that has been awarded a Michelin star.

This Michelin-starred restaurant in Provence offers a unique menu and a guaranteed taste journey, with fresh local produce, some of which comes directly from the property. This establishment is part of a 5-star Relais et Châteaux luxury hotel renowned for its top-of-the-range services and its impeccable service in a wilderness setting that invites you to travel.

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