Which hotel restaurant to choose?

What is the best hotel restaurant in Provence?

Provence is the ideal region to stay in a gastronomic hotel restaurant. Indeed, many visitors are seduced by its gentle way of life, its sunny landscapes and its generous traditional cuisine.

What is a gourmet hotel restaurant?

Where does the concept of a hotel restaurant come from? How long has it existed? What exactly does it consist of? Here are some answers to help you understand why the concept of the gourmet hotel restaurant was invented and how it has endured over time.

The famous expression "Qui dort dîne" ("He who sleeps dines") was coined in the Middle Ages. It was used to indicate to travellers looking for an inn for the night that they were also invited, or even obliged, to eat at the same place.

Generally speaking, the term hotel restaurant comes from the inns which had the particularity of offering this double service, of food and lodging at the same time.

Heir to this tradition that has lasted for generations, the gastronomic hotel restaurant is a more improved version of the basic concept. It offers guests a new gastronomic experience in a more qualitative dimension of catering.

The gastronomic hotel restaurant aims to highlight gastronomic traditions through cuisine, an art in its own right. Thus, the gastronomic hotel restaurant values the talent and know-how of the Chef and his teams.

Nothing is left to chance in order to guarantee our guests the highest quality of service. Indeed, the staff of the gastronomic hotel restaurant offers an exceptional quality of service, sets the tables and decorates the dining room to perfection.

In a gourmet hotel restaurant, guests enjoy an exceptional offer on all levels. The staff apply the same high standards of service to both the restaurant and the accommodation.

The advantages of a gourmet hotel restaurant

The gastronomic hotel restaurant is distinguished by the quality of the services offered, both in its cuisine and in its accommodation. Thus, it offers its customers a special and personalised experience. This allows it to stand out from the chains of standardised establishments.

The geographical location of the hotel restaurant is also an essential criterion for the creation of a unique setting.

There are several levels of quality in a gourmet hotel restaurant. To orientate the customer, the level of quality is translated using the principle of stars awarded by the Michelin Guide. The different rating criteria meet strict specifications.

Establishments can therefore receive one, two, three or more stars, depending on the quality of the services offered. The rating also takes into account the prices charged by the establishments.

Opting for a gastronomic hotel restaurant is therefore a guarantee of a quality establishment that meets many criteria. It is the opportunity to spend a stay and/or enjoy a quality meal.

A gastronomic hotel restaurant in Provence

Choosing a hotel restaurant in Provence is the best way to discover the specialities and traditions of the region. It is also an excellent choice for living at the rhythm of nature and admiring the beauty of the Provence landscape.

Indeed, Provence is one of the best destinations to treat yourself to a beautiful starred hotel restaurant, to discover a magnificent region and its culinary specialities.

Provence is one of the best destinations to stay in a gourmet hotel restaurant. Sunny and close to the sea, Provence has a multitude of local products such as fish, shellfish, many fruits and vegetables as well as various herbs and spices.

Thus, many chefs have been inspired by Provençal culinary traditions and local products to revisit emblematic dishes with a generous and cheerful personality.

Provence is therefore the ideal setting to enjoy a luxury gourmet hotel restaurant in the middle of nature.

The gastronomic hotel restaurant of the Château de Berne

The gastronomic hotel restaurant of Bern Castle is located in the heart of an organic wine estate in Provence, producing rosé, red and white Côtes-de-Provence wines, typical of the region. It is an exceptional estate, surrounded by a forest of oak and olive trees. It is a haven of peace nestled in the middle of nature.

The Château de Berne is a 5-star Relais et Châteaux hotel, with magnificent rooms, suites and villas with private pools.

On site, gourmets can enjoy the 3 restaurants :

  • From the one-star Michelin restaurant to the one-star green sustainable gastronomy, the Garden of Berneheld by Chef Louis Rameau;
  • A gastronomic restaurant, open during the summer season and also run by Chef Louis Rameau
  • A bib gourmand, orchestrated by the chef Aurélie Liautaud

All three establishments offer inventive cuisine, inspired by the quality of carefully chosen ingredients from the organic vegetable garden or a selection of local producers.

The chefs and their teams reinvent authentic Provençal cuisine without betraying it. You will find in their dishes the typical colours and generosity of the region.

The restaurants of the Château de Berne all have indoor rooms and a terrace. Thus, you can enjoy the view of the vineyards and the Provencal countryside in all seasons, thanks to the particularly mild climate of Provence.

If you wish to discover Provence while enjoying the quality services of the Château de Berne, you can now book accommodation on the website of the estate. You can also find the restaurant map and book your table onlineYou can enjoy an unforgettable meal with your loved ones.