A restaurant in the Var ? Try a gourmet bistro

A restaurant in the Var ? Why not try a gourmet bistro. The Var is one of the French departments with one of the most impressive selections of restaurants, some typical of the local gastronomy, others more creative.

Choose a restaurant in the Var criteria to be taken into account.

With regard to the geographical location of the institution, it is clear that choosing a restaurant in the Var is by no means easy: on the one hand, of course, the seaside establishments, and on the other, the charm of the restaurants in the hinterland.

Seaside restaurants are obviously very popular in Provence and the Var: in summer, the sea breeze, the mild temperatures, the breathtaking views of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, the seafood specialities, the outdoors and the terraces, are all elements synonymous with holidays and the summer season.

That said, the Var also offers an exceptionally rich hinterland, with a strong and warm culture and traditions, both culinary and human, which make it a region to discover.

Inland, there are often more typical establishments that offer local products such as game or truffles. They are also further away from the large tourist flows of the seaside in summer, and they deserve our full attention.

Then there is the choice of the type of restaurant you are looking for. It is difficult to decide between the small, typical restaurants that are sometimes not listed, and the big, starred restaurants whose reputation is well known, but which sometimes represent a substantial budget.

In response to growing demand, a new type of establishment is emerging.

It is in response to these needs that we see a very clear trend emerging in the French gastronomic landscape: the return of bistrosbut in an improved version.

The bistrot gourmand, an ideal in-between place.

The bistrot gourmand is a simple concept, conceived by the greatest chefs in response to this growing demand from customers for a return to more affordable cuisine, both financially and humanely, a return to a more human and less uniform contact.

In fact, the bistrot gourmand is a restaurant that offers a rich menu, generally in harmony with the local products that surround it, traditional recipes revisited, dishes that are sometimes simpler than those of gastronomic restaurants, but also more authentic.

It is this same search for authenticity, further away from the sometimes too rigid customs of haute gastronomy, that is today pushing more and more food lovers towards establishments of the bistrot gourmand type.

There, they find typical recipes, products from local producers, generous portions and a real human contact with the kitchen that is sometimes lost in haute gastronomy.

Faced with this massive craze for back-to-basics cuisine, the Michelin guide itself had to adapt its empirical approach to gastronomy by creating the category Bib Gourmand which rewards the best establishments.

A restaurant in the Var in an authentic and privileged setting: the gourmet bistro of the Château de Berne.

The vineyards of the Berne estate and the organic vegetable garden are used in the design and production of the dishes. It is an ideal bistro to enjoy before or after a visit to the region and its many typical villages.

As well as being ideal for discovering the culinary riches of Provence, the estate is a luxury 5-star Relais et Châteaux hotel with exceptional facilities.

For all lovers of convivial and authentic cuisine in a magnificent setting, the Bistrot gourmand du Château de Berne and its Michelin Bib gourmand awarded chef Matthieu Wanlin is the place to go for a warm and gourmet experience.

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