A gift idea for Father's Day

A gift idea for Father's Day? Do you know the origin of this holiday that celebrates our fathers every year on June 19th? From its origins to the choice of gift, Berne Castle invites you to discover this singular moment that pays tribute to all the fathers of the world.

The origin of Father's Day

Originally a Catholic holiday, Father's Day is celebrated on 19 March, the day of St Joseph, the father of Jesus Christ. For some European countries with a strong religious heritage, such as Italy, Spain and Portugal, this date has been maintained over time. In the rest of the world, it was at the beginning of the 20th century that a young American woman suggested making this a secular holiday, intended to celebrate fatherhood as well as mothers, whose day was established in 1905. It was a way of paying tribute to her father who, after the death of their mother, had raised them alone with his brother. The date of 19 June was proposed and "secular" Father's Day was celebrated for the first time on 19 June 1910. It was in 1966 that President Lyndon B. Johnson institutionalised Father's Day on the third Sunday in June.

From custom to Father's Day gifts

Today, on Father's Day, we celebrate the father, but also the man. It is a day of celebration, and whatever the country, it is customary to give a gift to your father to show your affection. Paying tribute to your father with a word, a gesture of course, but also a personalised present such as a mug with a family photo or a message printed on it, an eau de toilette, a bracelet or any other object made or bought according to your budget.

A gift idea for Father's Day

The list of possible Father's Day gifts is large and consists of items at all price points. However, finding a gift idea for Father's Day can become a "headache". Of course, when the children are small, the mother or a relative often organises the creation of a nice card with a drawing and a poem. Most of the time, it accompanies a present that has been bought with the idea of giving pleasure, and this is where it gets complicated. Finding a gift that matches his personality or passions. For a geeky dad who is crazy about high tech and electronics, you may find yourself limited by the budget. If he's a gourmet, the field of possibilities opens up to all kinds of cooking accessories. A father who is a handyman has access to a wide range of tools and for a car enthusiast, why not take a trip around the track in an exceptional car. Sportsmen and women can choose from a wide range of accessories and sportswear.

Father's Day gift ideas at Bern Castle

And why not make this day an exceptional family day, where dad will be the centre of attention. The team at Château de Berne in Lorgues, in Provence, has some ideas for Father's Day gifts. Food and wine lovers will love it. Take advantage of a weekend and book a family room in the 5-star Relais et Châteaux hotel:
- offer a meal to the Garden of BerneThe restaurant has a Michelin star and a green star for sustainable gastronomy with chefs Louis Rameau and Eric Raynal at the helm for an unforgettable culinary experience,
- offer a cooking class in a place full of charm and authenticity, benefit from the secrets of our chefs, and then taste what we have prepared,
- offer a cellar visit and a tasting to discover the secrets of our grands crus, the result of the work of our oenologist Alexis Cornu
- offer a wellness session, fitness in the our exceptional Spa 5 Worlds and Vinesime partner.

Finding a gift idea for Father's Day is not always easy. Why not take advantage of this moment to offer a moment of family happiness around your loved one. The Château de Berne en Provence offers unforgettable experiences in the heart of nature.

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