The garden of Bern gets its green star in the Michelin Guide

On 18 January, the famous Michelin star ceremony took place. A particular context, a particular event. But this did not prevent French gastronomy from being celebrated with dignity. Among the winners, the Jardin de Berne had the honour of receiving a green star in the Michelin Guide, an award given to establishments that take a sustainable approach to gastronomy.

The Michelin Guide 2021: a virtual star ceremony

For the first time since the creation of the guide, the Michelin star ceremony was to take place far from Paris. It was in Cognac that the jurors decided to celebrate local producers, the terroir, and quality food.
This was without taking into account the health crisis, and all the consequences that we all know. Far from giving up, the Michelin Guide was keen to maintain the ceremony. To perpetuate the tradition, but also to show its support to all the restaurant owners in France.
This year's star ceremony was held in a small setting, with only a few chefs present. The virtual ceremony was then broadcast from the Eiffel Tower on numerous social networks: YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.
During this long-awaited event for the entire restaurant sector, 54 new restaurants were awarded one star, 2 new restaurants were awarded 2 stars, and 1 new restaurant was awarded 3 stars. In addition, 33 restaurants were awarded a green star.

Jardin de Berne awarded a green star in the Michelin Guide

The Green Star is a new addition to the Michelin Guide, which appeared last year. It honours restaurants that are committed to the environment and offer eco-responsible gastronomy. Any restaurant, regardless of its standing, can claim it and thus prove to its customers its commitment to the planet.
This year, the Jardin de Berne, which already holds a star for its refined cuisine, had the honour of obtaining this green star, a rare award, as only 82 restaurants in France currently hold it.
This distinction is in addition to the Passion Dessert 2020 award, which the Jardin de Berne won last year, and which honours the exceptional work of pastry chef Éric Raynal.
This new green pictogram, strongly resembling a five-leaf clover, testifies to the investment of the Michelin-starred restaurant in the preservation of food resources and the reduction of food waste. These are values dear to the Jardin de Berne, but also to the entire Château de Berne estate.

Green Star and responsible gastronomy at the Garden of Bern

At the Château de Berne, nature is at the heart of our concerns. Anxious to preserve it, each professional is committed to sustainable and local gastronomy, both for the kitchen and for the tableware. Local producers and seasonal products are favoured, to preserve the land and enhance the value of the Provence region.

The commitment of Chef Louis Rameau

Louis Rameau, chef of the Jardin de Berne and the Terrasse de Berne, puts nature at the heart of gastronomy. He draws his inspiration and products from the estate's vegetable gardens to create fresh and tasty dishes. Organic fruit and vegetables are harvested seasonally, and each product is then sublimated by the exceptional chef.

Éric Raynal, the Passion for Dessert

The Jardin de Berne also continues its commitment to nature in the pastry shop. Thus, the pastry chef in Berne, Éric Raynal, succeeds marvellously in imagining desserts from the products that the land of Provence offers him, whether on the Château de Berne estate, or through local producers. He does not hesitate to cultivate atypical citrus fruits (combava, citron, caviar lemon...), to imagine gourmet and creative desserts.
Matthieu Wanlin, committed to fighting food waste
The chef of the Château de Berne bistro is not to be outdone, and makes it a point of honour to limit food waste. This is why he undertakes to collect the products he will need every morning, without excess, and to transform unused food. He is also known for his remarkable plate presentation, with fresh products with bright colours and aromas.

Ludovic Bernard, working with living matter

Finally, the head baker from Bern adds his personal touch by making homemade sourdough bread. Here, the living material is pampered and respected, in order to preserve the ancestral tradition of bread making, all made with noble materials.
Come and discover the refined gastronomy of the Jardin de Berne, where each local product is sublimated. Its green star, awarded by the Michelin Guide, guarantees you a cuisine that is environmentally friendly, as close as possible to the values of the land.