Find a gourmet bistro in the Var

The bistro tells a story

The bistro has an amazing history that gives it a touch of authenticity and mystery. Originally, it was a place where drinks and simple, traditional snacks were served. In the early days, it was the French working class who most frequently visited this type of venue. For the simplicity and the price. Today, the bistro retains a very important democratic role, encouraging exchanges and discussions between all types of people. It is the guarantor of a form of diversity that thrives on tradition and simplicity.
Gradually, it evolved into the "Bistrot Gourmand" or "Bistronomie" appellation, a term coined by Yves Candeborde, a French chef and one of the leading lights of bistro cuisine. It was at his La Régalade establishment in Paris that he revisited traditional French recipes, but with the technique of fine dining and high-quality produce. For the Larousse dictionarythe definition of Bistronomy is a "Refined and inventive gastronomic-style cuisine, served in a simple, non-starred restaurant (bistro, café or brasserie).

Le Bistrot gourmand guarantees to please everyone in a real setting, where you'll find family cuisine made with authentic, quality products at a reasonable price.
Many top chefs have seized on the concept to create 'bistronomic' establishments, where they have the freedom to express themselves without the constraints and pressure of the standards of a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Why choose a gourmet bistro?

There are several reasons why you might choose to spend some time in a gourmet bistro.

A state of mind

The bistrot gourmand has kept the same meaning and the same principles as in its origins. That's what makes it so charming. People come to a bistro for its authenticity, its charm and the memories it conveys. The bistrot gourmand is not a modernist establishment, and when it comes to cuisine, each region has its own culinary culture, which is showcased in these places. Local customers like to sample dishes that bring back memories of yesteryear. Tourists, meanwhile, come to discover the personality of a region through these establishments and their chefs.

Simplicity and authenticity

The dishes presented in a bistro are generally quite simple. They are meals that we can find at home, that we ate at our parents' or grandparents' house, and for which we unfortunately no longer have the time to devote to their preparation. Traditional or local recipes that have been brought up to date without losing their soul. The cuisine of the bistrot gourmand gives priority to simple, high-quality products. The atmosphere in the dining room is warm and welcoming, and the service efficient but without fuss.

Choosing a gourmet bistro in the Var

The Bistrot gourmand du domaine du Bern CastleIn a warm, traditional setting, the Bistronomique restaurant revisits the codes of French gastronomy.
The Château de Berne gourmet bistro is a clever blend of heritage and modernity to be discovered in Lorgues in Provence.
It has been awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand (offer at least 1 menu, starter, main course and dessert for less than €35). Its speciality is warm, local cuisine in a friendly atmosphere.
Our establishment is committed to reducing food waste. Every morning, our teams harvest produce from the estate's organic vegetable garden and are committed to processing any unused food. You'll be delighted by the remarkable way our dishes are presented, with fresh produce in vibrant colours and aromas. Our gourmet bistro offers generous, classic local cuisine, reinventing traditional recipes such as roast quail, perfect egg, duck parmentier... to be enjoyed with the estate's wines.

At the Château de Berne gourmet bistro in Lorgues in Provence, everything happens on the plate. The superfluous has been discarded to concentrate on the gastronomic experience and the pleasure of eating well. The bistrot gourmand is for real gourmands, with generous portions and a reasonable bill.

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