Discover a gastronomic restaurant in the Var

A gastronomic restaurant in the Var

The culture of Provence invites you to use your senses. The Château de Berne offers you a gastronomic journey to discover the richness of the region's soil. Let yourself be introduced to the culinary art at Jardin, the starred restaurant of the Château de Berne wine estate in the Var.


French cuisine is an important part of our country's culture. It has evolved with social and political changes over the centuries. It was in the Middle Ages that admirable banquets were held, which led to the development of gastronomy. At that time, food was richly decorated and highly seasoned. In the 17th century, habits changed. Spices were less present, and the use of aromatic herbs and more refined techniques appeared. The word gastronomy is used to refer to everything to do with cooking, whether it be the presentation of dishes, or the organisation of menus. It is constrained by strict rules and this differentiates it from traditional cuisine. Gastronomy is the approach to perfection. It is the top of the kitchen, whether we are talking about a dish, a sauce, a dessert, or even the way in which a plate is laid out or the way in which service is organised.

What is a gourmet restaurant?

Going to a gastronomic restaurant is a guarantee of refined cuisine, served in a pleasant setting with exceptional service. The specificity of these establishments is to ensure a singular gustatory experience for amateurs and fine palates. What is the secret to offering an unforgettable moment to all the gourmets who pass through the door of these magical places? The chefs work with exceptional products. They carefully select them from suppliers renowned for their reliability. The staff who work in this type of restaurant have received specialised training and have often acquired their experience in great restaurants. They are selected because they are the best in their field. They have undeniable know-how as chefs, but also as sommeliers, pastry chefs, etc.

The gastronomic restaurant and the Michelin stars

The benchmark for gastronomic criticism is undoubtedly the Michelin Guide. For almost a century, it has been selecting establishments throughout the world and awarding them stars according to very strict criteria. These famous stars are the guarantee of an exceptional establishment. They reward restaurants that will convey the art of gastronomy at its highest level.

The menu of a gastronomic restaurant

A menu with many proposals is not necessarily a guarantee of quality. The best is a well-balanced menu. At present, chefs tend to emphasise seasonal products, to cook with vegetables from short circuits, or even from their own garden. They are constantly seeking excellence in taste and presentation, but also in sustainable cuisine. Your budget is afraid of the word "gastronomy"... Try the small discoveries or favour meals during the week and rather at lunchtime. Restaurants may offer different menus for these occasions. Let yourself be tempted by a special culinary experience without breaking the bank.

A gastronomic restaurant in the Var

Le Jardin du Château de Berne is a gastronomic restaurant with one Michelin star and one green star for sustainable gastronomy. It is one of the gastronomic restaurants not to be missed in the Var. In addition to a cuisine with original textures, the gastronomic restaurant offers a wine list that also honours the great rosé, red and white wines of the domain, and other Côtes de Provence, as well as a variety of French and foreign wines that will go wonderfully well with the proposed dishes.

The chefs of the restaurant le jardin du Château de berne

The gastronomic restaurant in the Var region of the Château de Berne is run by two chefs: Louis Rameau and Eric Raynal, whose main aim is to bring out the essence and texture of each ingredient by seeking the perfect match. They like to innovate and present new compositions with subtle flavours. They are very attached to the nature of the ingredients and propose a simple and authentic cuisine, respectful of the environment. With the aim of sustainable cooking, they work with seasonal products that are not processed. They take advantage of the richness of the three kitchen gardens on the château's estate, which offer a variety of fruits, vegetables, berries, aromatic plants and flowers, grown according to the principles of organic farming.

The Château de Berne, located in Lorgues in Provence, nestled in the heart of nature, offers you, in addition to the discovery of its estate and the visit of its cellars, an immersion in the heart of French gastronomy and more particularly Provencal in its Michelin starred restaurant.

Discover the gastronomic restaurant in the Var of the Château de Berne.